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The Bountiful Story

The Bountiful Chef was created to support clients in their health journeys and also to regain time away from the kitchen with their families or doing other things they love. This often means that we work with specialized diets including AIP Paleo, low histamine, Mediterranean Diet for IVF and Fertility, as well as vegan, vegetarian, and any allergy or preference needs. Whatever your preference or protocol, we've probably worked with it!

At the heart of The Bountiful Chef is our Therapeutic Personal Chef Service. This is a completely bespoke experience, taking into account your family, your health needs and your preferences - every menu is different and unique for every client. Every time.

Food should not only be a practical necessity, it should also be a beautiful full-sensory experience. With everything we do, love is put into every step and aesthetic and beauty are considered. Every meal is an artistic expression of your own unique story.

Because we are a bespoke service, we are open to ways to work with you. Other service options range from consultations, meal planning, destination catering/personal cheffing, and catering one-time special events.

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