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What to expect when you hire a Personal Chef

Most people think that they cannot afford a personal chef. But, when you break down everything that is offered and the time it saves you, the benefit is hugely worth it!

There are many different types of meal services these days, especially with so many businesses pivoting during 2020 to accommodate a very different way of life. Now the options are overwhelming with meal delivery services, meal kit services, and even restaurants offering meal kits. But, nothing compares to a chef literally catering to your needs and preferences.

The Bountiful Chef is different from a lot of chef services in that we focus specifically on specialized diets. But, even beyond that, no menu or meal is recreated the same way for every client. When you hire a chef, you should expect variety and attention to your unique tastes and needs. Most chefs will adhere to a standard structure to your cooking session, including time and amount of meals offered in a day. Their pricing might be based on the amount of servings you would like and the amount of meals you would like. Others charge by the hour. The Bountiful Chef gets to know you and how you eat. We listen to what your health goals are and how you envision our services improving your quality of life.

We can't speak for other chef services, but we can tell you more about what we do and how we do it...

Before we set foot in your kitchen, we will spend time getting to know you. If you are working with a Healthcare Practitioner, we will also want to be in touch with them - with your permission, of course. If you are working with a Practitioner but would rather we not collaborate with them, that's fine too. You are totally in the driver's seat. We are interested in knowing:

If you have a protocol or diet you would like to follow?

How you would like your mealtimes to look (do you sit down as a family for each meal? Heat and eat just for yourself?)

Are you wanting Lunches? Dinners? Breakfast items?

What foods do you love?

What foods would you rather avoid?

From there we will work together to create your menus. Each meal is complete, with sides, and your whole menu is custom created to offer you as much variety as possible while being able to mix and match certain parts of the menu. We offer both full day and "half day" sessions to fit in your budget. We do all the grocery shopping at the type of grocery store of your choice, but love to use organic ingredients and prefer to source as locally as possible. Menus are built with respect to the seasons and with an eye on what is reasonably priced and most likely to yield the best flavor. We pride ourselves in bringing a keen sensitivity to aesthetic in how we plate your meals, valuing color as a translation of nutrition.

When it comes to the question of "Can I afford a personal chef?" - What value would you place on the time that you could gain from not having to shop for groceries, plan what you are going to eat through the week, and the time it takes to not only cook your meals, but clean up as well? If you think about it, you are already paying for your groceries. If you currently spend an hour grocery shopping, and about an hour cooking and cleaning for each meal 5 times a week, with a personal chef you could gain 6,7 or more hours of time a week. Think of how that adds up over a month...a year!

So...what can you expect when you hire a personal chef? You can expect someone to plan your meals, do your grocery shopping, deliver your groceries, cook your meals, pack everything up, clean everything up and leave you without a worry about what's for dinner. The benefit is HUGE. I can't count how many times someone hears about what I do and says - Oh I WISH I could have a personal chef. Well... you can. You just need to know what to expect and what you deserve from the service. Make sure your chef gets to know you and respects your preferences and health goals. A personal chef should be all about you- thats the whole point!

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