I am Jennifer Drew-Banister and I am a Therapeutic Chef. I work with specialized diets including AIP Paleo, low histamine, Mediterranean Diet for IVF and Fertility, as well as vegan, vegetarian, and any allergy or preference needs. I believe food has the power to heal and prevent disease and discomfort, as well as nourish the soul. 

I am currently based in Calgary, AB, and received my culinary training from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Originally from the United States, in my "previous life" I was an actor and musician living in New York City. That is where I met my husband, John, and when I'm not cooking, you probably can find me laughing, singing and playing music with John.

Or traveling.

I always leave a part of my heart with the ocean, and I love experiencing new places. John and I will be cultivating a second home In Anna Maria Island, FL over the next year or so once travel becomes safer.

In 2021, in the name of transparency and authenticity, I will be sharing more of my experience with Infertility, and our journey navigating our way to expanding our family. Follow me on Instagram @bountifulchef for updates, and a look into what is on our table. I will be sharing my Mediterranean Diet recipes and meal ideas.

I have always been inspired by the power of food to heal and bring people together. I am also inspired by the seasons, local produce, the personalities of my clients, and COLOR(!). I believe in the power of connection, and that any journey is better traveled with someone to support you along the way, which is why I became a Certified Health Coach, trained through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.

Food is so beautifully personal. I look forward to hearing your story, knowing more about your relationship with food and finding bountiful ways to work together.

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