Jennifer Drew-Banister, Founder

For me, food has always been about connection. A coming together to celebrate each other, the seasons, and special occasions. Over the years, this has also become to mean connection to self and how we FEEL. 

I believe in the power of this connection, and that any journey is better traveled with someone to support you along the way, which is why I created The Bountiful Chef.

I am inspired by the seasons, local produce, the personalities of my clients, and COLOR(!).  

In my own health journey food continues to play a huge role - we are what we eat! I have experimented over the years with more restrictive diets, and continue to evaluate how I feel best while working with trusted practitioners in functional and conventional medicine. 

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis last year while my husband and I were going through IVF and understand the overwhelm that comes with a new diagnosis and also the importance of a strong foundation of food and lifestyle to balance that. We are still navigating IVF and are hopeful to be cleared for another embryo transfer later this year. In the name of transparency and authenticity, I have been sharing more of my experience with Infertility and IVF, and our journey navigating our way to expanding our family. Follow me on Instagram @bountifulchef for updates, and a look into what is on our table and happening in our client's kitchens. 

I am currently based in Calgary, AB, and received my culinary training from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Originally from the United States, in my "previous life" I was an actor and musician living in New York City. That is where I met my husband, John, and when I'm not cooking, you probably can find me in a hot yoga class or laughing, singing, and playing music with John.

Food is so beautifully personal. I look forward to hearing your story, knowing more about your relationship with food and finding bountiful ways to work together.


Tasmina Begum, Therapeutic Chef

My love of food started very early in life. The fresh tropical produce and spices I grew up with were an invaluable part of my childhood in Bangladesh. I still draw inspiration from this source to be innovative with flavors and spices. 

Over the past ten years, I have built my career as a professional chef in the hospitality industry. I obtained a Cooking Diploma from SAIT when I began my career in the food industry. In the years following cooking school, I explored different avenues such as sailing, high-end professional kitchens, and fine dining. Food has enabled me to learn so much, explore the world, and get to know people. Additionally, working in professional kitchens has really taught me the significance of food knowledge and how it influences our health and well-being. Through wholesome food, and positive energy, I want to change people's lives.

My favorite hobby outside of cooking is reading new books that help me develop every day. To be more sustainable and to feel connected to the earth, I grow my own vegetables during the summer.

I am known for providing high-quality service to clients through my positive attitude and food knowledge. You can count on me for support where you need it most on your journey!