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Using color, aesthetic and the seasons to build healthy, beautiful plates.

Specializing in nutritional therapy, working with various restrictive diets and protocols, but most importantly working with you to create amazing meals that suit you and your family best.

Bespoke, Custom, Personal

Food is so beautifully personal. We look forward to hearing your story, knowing more about your relationship with food and finding bountiful ways to work together.

Image by Luisa Brimble


We love using the best ingredients- proteins and produce from local producers. 


Your meals are cooked fresh in your kitchen or from our local commercial kitchen.


Besides cooking, we have a range of services from nutrition counseling, to personalized meal planning and development.

In your kitchen and beyond.

We believe that coming together over food to celebrate life's big moments is important, and that food can nourish the body - and soul. We bring our same bespoke quality to all of the events we cater - large or small. 

Garnishing Meals

A Word From
Our Clients

"You are undoubtedly the best chef I have ever eaten food from- I can’t think of any restaurant meal, even “fancy” ones that taste better than your creations. We have eaten better with you than we’ve ever eaten in our lives and it tasted INCREDIBLE too!!" 

Colleen, Client of Jennifer

Let's Connect!

Every service we provide is custom for you, your family, your guests, your budget, and your goals. Serving the Calgary, AB area and beyond. We travel to provide unique and bespoke culinary experiences in Canada and The United States.


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Looking forward to knowing more about you!

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